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Predator Tree Stump Grinders have become well established now following a decade in the marketplace. For over ten years we've been supplying Tree Surgeons throughout the UK and Europe with some of the most powerful, compact and reliable machines in the industry. The concept is extremely straightforward. We design a powerful, high performance machine, then make sure it's as narrow and reliable as can be. Typically, all our machines are under three feet in width, even our biggest machine, the Predator 75.

Working hard to deliver performance, reliability and value for money, Predator have developed something of a fan base with some machines up to ten years old and still working day in, day out, other customers with third or fourth generation Predator Stump Grinders and some organizations with fleets of ten or more. Whether you're looking for a pedestrian machine, an attachment for your digger or tractor or a dedicated Tree Stump Grinder, we're absolutely confident that our range has a machine for you.

All of our machines are excellent for the Arborist and equipment rental sector alike, delivering bottom line profits and high degrees of customer satisfaction, due in part to their exceptional performance, versatility and reliability and in part to their simple, operator-friendly controls. Our wheeled machines are compact and well balanced and our tracked machines are fantastic to use. As an Arborist, you will find the speed of grinding coupled with ease of use a breath of fresh air and as a rental provider, you will get the same customers returning again and again, just to hire your Predator.

Multi-Tip is a stump grinding solution which allows fast changing of teeth along with an exceptionally good performance.

Because the changing of teeth takes seconds the operator is more likely to change the teeth when required, resulting in  more production with less fuel and machinery wear.

The teeth are preset in the wheel, so you can ensure the best performance every time. Replacing the  leading teeth with sharp ones, allows the reuse of the dull teeth in non-leading positions, negating the need for sharpening.

No more pockets, or expensive bolts. No need for heavy tools.

Combining more cutting tips at greater distances apart achieves a minimum of 25% increase in performance over other systems

Also available as an upgrade for other makes of stump grinder

Scanreco Radio Gear

Very Durable and Reliable and Precise

Multi-Tip Cutting System

Sharp, Fast, Quick Change and Economical

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